JUNE 2015

Very busy month listening to 300 bands competing to be in this year's Rock Al Parque Festival in Colombia. This time Villacorta was asked to be the international juror for the biggest rock festival in latin America.

MARCH 2015

South American metal band M.A.S.A.C.R.E started recording in Lima their new album expected to be released in September. This is the third album the band is working with Villacorta as Producer and Engineer.


Villacorta was part of the first ever Market Place of Peruvian Music Conference, getting to talk to some talented young and experienced artists about Music Production along with Andrés Mayo and Christian Heyne.


Colombian hard rock band, Krönös, is back in the studio with Villacorta and with original singer Jorge Fresquet who has come back after a few years. The band had already worked with Germán on their 2011 album "Una Historia Más".


Villacorta was invited by Rock Al Parque Festival in Colombia to share his experiences on recording and mixing metal bands as part of the Academic Events organized by Idartes. He was also part of another one on music production along with Tue Madsen and Alejandro Taranto.

JUNE 2014

After a long process to recover the analog tapes and transfer to digital media, the mixes for heavy metal band M.A.S.A.C.R.E 's album 'Sin Piedad' are finished. Mixed at Dynamic Wave Studio, the album will be released in October.

APRIL, 2014

After a few years away from the studio, SLAYER is back! tracking at Henson Recording Studios. Villacorta has been working with legendary Producer/Engineer Terry Date and it sounds heavy!.


The new single for Warner's pop artist Debbie Clarke, "Home Again" has been released. Produced by Samantha Powell, it features Rob Bacon on the guitar, bass by Freddie Washington, mixed by German Villacorta and drums by the legendary and greatly missed Ricky Lawson.


A real musical fusion, Metal band Temptation Xplodes invited "The Queen Of Landó" Eva Ayllón to sing in their latest single "Desaparecer", a song that aims to create awareness about the safety of our planet.