Diverse artists including iconic rock star Ozzy Osbourne, jazz man Al Jarreau, Mexican idol Juan Gabriel and Peruvian songstress Eva Ayllón found something in common, the professionalism of Producer/Engineer Germán Villacorta.

Born in Perú, Villacorta's voyage into the art of sound started while playing guitar in several rock bands in his hometown of Lima. Germán moved to the United States in 1991 and continued playing guitar while beginning his experience in the world of live sound in northern California. In the search of expanding his musical horizons, Villacorta moved to Boston to study Music Production and Engineering at the prestigious Berklee College of Music while practicing at Blue Jay Studios.

Germán moved to LA in 1998 and began his tenure at the legendary A&M Studios in Hollywood becoming a Staff Engineer until the studios closed in 1999 however reopening a few months later under the ownership of The Jim Henson Company. Germán became the Senior Staff Engineer at Henson Recording Studios until 2008.

Throughout these years, Villacorta has been involved in projects working with mega producers including Bob Rock, Don Was, Brendan O'Brien, Thom Panunzio and Bob Marlette. At the same time, he has enjoyed the pleasure of working with some of the best musicians in the world such as Alex Acuña, John Peña, Eva Ayllón, George Benson, Mick Jagger and Zakk Wylde just to mention a few.

Germán's skills reach farther than just recording and mixing, as a producer he believes in always generating a friendly environment for the development of an artist's creativity. Originally known for his work in hard rock albums, Germán has also dedicated a great deal of his career working with Latin artists from a variety of genres, including Perú Negro (nominated to the American Grammy in 2005 for best traditional world music), latin pop sensation Santino and "The Queen Of Landó": Eva Ayllón.

In 2004 and 2005, Perú Negro's "Jolgorio" (one of Villacorta's most valued works) receives a Latin Grammy and an American Grammy nomination. In 2008, Perú Negro's "Zamba Malató" gets another nomination. The fourth and fifth Grammy nominations come in 2009 and 2011 for Eva Ayllón's albums "Kimba Fá" and "40 Years of Afro-Peruvian Classics".

Germán is an expert in capturing not just the clear sounds of the instruments, but also my musical passion when I interpret a song

Eva Ayllón

Germán Villacorta took Krönös' music to another level, with an amazing job as an Engineer and his work exceeding our expectations

David Corkidi (Krönös)

Germán Villacorta creates the necessary professional environment that any respectable musician needs. You're not only working with one of the best recording and mixing engineers available, you're also working with a damn good producer that knows exactly how you need to sound. Plus he's a pretty nice guy!

Mauricio Leguízamo (TBCB)

... a great Engineer but first of all an excellent human being! It's been a privilege working with him and be able to share great moments

Tavo Castillo (Frágil)