Dynamic Wave Studio is a Mixing Room geared toward accommodating the Artists' needs by providing the outmost professional quality sound to a project at an affordable price. It is the prefect choice for all professional bands that need to have access to a proficient mixing studio that is flexible with their budget and the assurance their music is in the hands of an expert mixer with major label credits and Grammy nominated albums.

Created by Producer/Engineer Germán Villacorta (Ozzy Osbourne, Lynch Mob, Juan Gabriel, Eva Ayllón), the studio has been shaped to achieve the quality in sounds he has been printing on his mixing at some of the best commercial studios available for close to two decades. Villacorta understands the need for a specialized mixing studio accessible to professional artists everywhere. "Nowadays you need to keep yourself global and take advantage of how technology has improved the world of communications. Dynamic Wave is a studio available to musicians world wide". He enjoys the opportunity to work with artists from different parts of the globe, produce and record their music locally, and then bring the mix to Los Angeles.

"I love the fact that I can be mixing an album for an artist overseas and still have them connected via web cam and listen to a live broadcast of the mixing, allowing them to experience the mixing process and getting involved… despite their distance, the clients have the capacity to provide personal input and live through the mixing process of their album".

The Studio's clientele includes both established and independent musicians such as iconic rock star Ozzy Osbourne, Peruvian songstress Eva Ayllón, Wales Pop singer Debbie Clarke, Colombian Industrial chiefs Koyi K Utho and the gothic metal band from Finland, To/Die/For. The eclectic collection of styles from all these artists is the biggest reason for the equipment selection, and it is most definitely a contributing element for developing new sounds. As a private mixing room, Dynamic Wave offers the tools to help Villacorta mix to the level he's used to in a professional setting, "when I go to different studios I don't expect to find all the toys in the world but the colors needed for the painting…and that's what I have in this room".

Ozzy Osbourne, Eva Ayllón, Ankla, Lynch Mob, Shark Island, Red Rooster Rebellion, Debbie Clarke, Altar Of All, The Sisterhood, Revolver Plateado, Santino, Jaime Cuadra, M.A.S.A.C.R.E, To/Die/For, La Severa Matacera, Emergency Blanket, The Black Cat Bone, Koyi K Utho, Frágil, Krönös, Sueño Blanco, Mary Simmons, Temptation Xplodes, Perú Negro, Yma Sumac, Southern Roots, Perros De Reserva, Julio Andrade, Liken, Kikasban, Gaias Pendulum, Introspección, Momposonica, Los Últimos Indocumentados, Ricochet c.c.s, Gallina McFly, Kolectivo K, Fósforo, Jhovan, Miki González, Ynis Vitrin, Glenny Power Trio, The Backdoor Men, Casino, Pony Asteroid, Charo, Pamela Llosa, S.H.O.T, KI, Mia Mont, Lilo, The Play, Los Plankton, Whitering Void,Andrés Correa, Shakyamuni, Efecto, Zero Balas.